PARTY!!! xx

PARTY!!! xx

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Friday, 10 May 2013


Bye bye my peeps of the world! Dont worry Gorgie812 will be bck wiv another fabulousicous blog but until then 

Friday, 22 February 2013

JC!x & jemica007

Congratz-JC!x and jemmica007. Im soo sorry i werent at ur wed- busy :o. but JC!x had the honour of takin the pics for me! Ur wed looks amazing! And rockchic66 well done! i heard u was an amzin vicar person! And guess where they went 4 their MSP honeymoon! NEW YORK! totz jealous! Anyway thts it for 2day peepz 
Gorgie out
xx :p

Jokes and Funny things :D

1.Right...You Know The Song Written In The Stars ...xD If You Dont Check it Out On Youtube :D....But Anyway Heres a Joke ;) Teacher: Wheres you homework? Student: Written In The Stars Teacher: Where?! Student: A Million Miles Away Teacher: What is it about? Student: A message to the main...ooooh oooh Teacher: Go to summer camp! Student: Seasons come and go.. Teacher: CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDE! Student: I will never change Teacher: GO TO THE HEADTEACHER! Student: I'm on my way..eee...eee 

2.Student : Will i get in trouble if i didn't do anything ? Teacher : No...Why ?? Student : GOOD i Didnt' Do My Homework :)

 3.Teacher : Would You Like to Share that With The Class !? -__- Student : No Of Course Not...Why Do You Think I whisperd it -__-

Leo party

My Friend Leo's Party :p :p

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

More IMVU!

Me and Lottie! im in the hearts, she dressed me up like a freak lol no offence Lottso! More IMVU comin up laterz


 Me on IMVU, isnt it awshum! i dont go on IMVU as much as i do on MSP but its still alright! though i do think its a bit not good for ages under 10! So kids be good and dont start IMVU. anywayz thts all from ur candyfloss luvin friend!
gorgie out

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Model of the month....

ok ok! So i have been talking about MSP's Model of the month! Im sorry, but we finnally have januarys model of the month 2013! Im so excited i cant wait 2 tell u the entries and judge....

Out of loads and loads of entries our judge finnally found her fav 2, but first of all lets start by introducing our judge! She was the one, the only rubesevie! She was an excellent judge i can teel u tht! ;p anywayz lets take a look at the entries....

Jorden2754 wiv: its ok
Zanna. wiv: harley~x

and the winner is.....

Zanna wiv harley~x!!!!!!! xx
WELL DONE ZANNA! you've done an amazing job! Join me nxt time on MSP's model of the month 2013 (febuary) im getting so excited! Good night! Here is a picture of the judge rubes and the winning look of Zanna doin a selflook (rubesevie top and Zanna bottom)